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Chance & Sallie

Welcome! So happy you stumbled over to our site! We are the dynamic duo Chance and Sallie Godwin!! We are on a journey of embracing an ancestral diet for the third millennium - we are glad to have you along! RealFat life is all about health and nutrition, fitness, kids, farming, and a coherent worldview. Here at Real Fat Life you will find tips for healthy ancestral eating and learn more about how we at the Godwin house rock ancestral life in suburbia!

Sallie is a competitive athlete, a violinist, and avid nutritionist. When the doctors had no answers for the mysterious health issues that plagued her during college, she was forced to embark on years of intense research which ultimately led her to find healing through real food. She is now passionate about helping people heal with real fat and nutrient dense food.

Chance is a foodie, a visual artist, designer, story teller, business communications expert, a backyard warrior and a fermentation fanatic. He loves helping people to connect big ideas and bringing them together with the help of good stories. He's obsessed with sustainable farming, regenerative agriculture, and food photography.

Together, they live in RVA with their two kiddos and are always up to some crazy shenanigans in their kitchen. They are writing several books together and  their mission is to practically teach people how to embrace a rich and healthy lifestyle based on ancestral wisdom - the REAL FAT LIFE.

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Ancestral Living in the Third Millennium
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