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Beef Jerky Sticks - with liver!

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

These are super great for a quick high-protein snack when you are in a rush and on the go! Great for moms & kids or guys hitting the gym. I use these as a great way to sneak liver into my family's diet, but all of the wonderful spices really help to mask any flavor of the liver and no one knows they are eating a snack that is also crazy nutrient-dense!


1/2 lb grass-fed beef liver, chopped or grated 1 lb grass-fed ground beef (see RealFat Farms page for sources) 2 Tbs. Gluten free Tamari/coocnut aminos 1-2 tbs Worcester Sauce 1 tsp. pink himalayan sea salt (the more salt you put, the longer they keep!) 1 tsp. garlic powder 1 tsp onion powder 1 tsp oregano 1 tsp tumeric Ginger (optional) 1/2tsp Black pepper Pinch of cayenne

You will need: A large bowl, a jerky gun, a baking sheet, and parchment paper

Chop the liver with a sharp knife as small as you possibly can. (I usually thaw 1 lb. of liver when I make this and use 1/2 for this recipe and the other half for my liver pills!)

**While I was sleeping last night, I came up with the genius idea - to get the liver super small - to GRATE the liver while it still is mostly frozen!**

Add liver to the ground beef in a large bowl. Add all the spices and seasonings. Mix thoroughly with your hands. Stuff a jerky gun full with your jerky mixture. Mine holds almost all of this recipe, but not quite so I have to refill it once during the process.

Use the jerky gun to make long beef sticks. Squeeze them out onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. It's fun!! I'm not so patient when it comes to chopping the liver super small as you can see. But they still cook up fine. :)

Place in the oven on about 170F for about 6 hrs, turning them over once to dehydrate thoroughly. The beef sticks are done when all the moisture has evaporated off of the tray. Let cool and place in a zip-lock bag or container in the refrigerator. Keeps at least 1 month - if not longer.

I take these out and pack them up when we are out and don't worry about refrigeration or anything. They are just like jerky and don't need to be refrigerated when you are on the go!

Hope you enjoy!!


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