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Updated: Sep 24, 2019

daily smoothie

We love smoothies at our house. Chance has one every day. It's one of the few things he knows how to make for himself in the kitchen. I am a fan! :) It is SO EASY, you make it can too!! It is packed with NUTRIENTS and will keep you full for hours!!! High in healthy fats and protein, this smoothie can help speed up your metabolism and nourish you when you are on the go. You may even forget to each lunch all together if you try our amazingly delicious and nutrient-dense go-to smoothie recipe!

This is not your typical "foofy" full-of-nothing-but-water smoothies that goes right through you and leaves you hungry. This is a stick-to-your-ribs, boost-your-metabolism, give-your-brain-some-actual-FUEL kind of smoothie!! ;)



The basics:

The optional add-ins:


Chance likes his smoothie cold and thick, so he uses 4 frozen yogurt cubes and then tops it off with some more yogurt at the end to help with the blending. To make frozen yogurt cubes, just freeze some yogurt in an ice tray! Also, if you make this with no banana or honey, it is super low-carb and keto! :D Chance usually sticks with the low-carb, low-sugar version. I listen to my body and sometimes add the half of banana or a couple dates if I am feeling like I need more that day (yay for breastfeeding!).

*For sources for raw milk and pastured eggs see our RealFat Farms page!

**[Bone Broth Protein UPDATE:] I like these two brands of bone broth proteins equally as well. They both come in chocolate and vanilla and more! The Left Coast brand is made from grass-fed beef and the Ancient Nutrition one is made from chicken broth. I am currently into the beef one from Left Coast right now. ;) Both are really good in both smoothies and coffee! The first one from Ancient Nutrition is easier to blend for sure. You can actually just shake that one up in milk and make instant breakfast/ chocolate milk! The second one from Left Coast is a little thicker and finer and needs a blender for sure. I personally think it is "slightly" more delicious in smoothies and filling as well. And just a secret between you and me - the Left Coast people are ALWAYS running coupons and specials on Amazon , so lots of time I get my bone broth protein from them for up to 50% off!! So it's up to you. Try both and see what bone broth protein floats your boat! :D


Blend all the ingredients in a blender. We have this blender and use the single serving size attachment for our smoothies. :) I really really want this one eventually because these cups are AWESOME!!! Stainless steel and insulated?? What could be better??!

[UPDATE:] So I got the new blender for Christmas and LOVE it!! The stainless steel cups are HUGE!! I actually got the refurbished one because it was so much less and was able to get extra cups. Now we have a ton of cups. Oh well. I guess all the extra cups will be good for when Chance leaves all the dirty smoothie cups in his office. :)

Let me know if you have any questions!! :)

Hope you enjoy!!


I may be compensated through my affiliate links in this post, but all opinions are my own. This compensation helps with expenses to keep this blog up and running.

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