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Shredded Beef and Stock In the Crock-Pot - EASY

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Hi loves! It's been a minute since that last muffin recipe. I really hope to get more regular. Not THAT kind of regular . . . (okay well maybe that's on the agenda too;). But that's not what I was talking about. OKAY. I intend to get more blog posts published for you on a regular basis! I'm finally feeling like my head is a *little* above water. Family, kids, businesses, life, etc. etc. And now, I think I just need a direction to swim so I stop thinking about what's at the bottom. :D You know, action over anxiety.

Speaking of anxiety, I have been feeling a LOT less anxious recently too. And a LOT less bloated. But I can't tell you what I'm doing yet. Yup. I'm a tease. I know. I was to give it some time before I have any definite opinions, but right now, what I can tell you is this: I AM ENCOURAGED! :D

This recipe is a little hint. Just a hint. ;)

If you have been watching my IG stories, you may also have gotten a few hints. :)


So I have gotten a little burnt out on cooking recently. This past year was hard. And I cooked A LOT of food. Every day. From scratch. Which is all good and everything. But the year after you have a baby is HARD. Postpartum is not for wimps. It's a big adjustment to have one baby and a bigger one to have a baby plus a 3 year old!!

So it got me thinking - how can a simplify food?!? Part of the answer is this recipe. And the other part has to do with those changes I told you I'm making that I'm not gonna talk about yet. ;) Anyway, this is a SUPER SIMPLE recipe that I came up with. The goal is to eat nutrient dense food, but to not spend hours and hours in the kitchen!!!

This recipe literally took no more than 15 min. If that. It probably took more like 10. Which is a WIN!! The results?? I was really pleasantly surprised!! There is nothing more that I hate than eating food that doesn't TASTE AMAZING. And this recipe did not disappoint! I loved the mug of warm, rich stock to go with a bowl of shredded beef and marrow. It hit the spot!! Also, my kids loved it. Both my 3 year old and my 1 year old gobbled it down. The meat was even tender enough for the mini man with his 6 teeth. :) Bone marrow is SUPERFOOD for babies and helps them build strong bodies and nourishes them with healthy fats. (See Bone Marrow, Feeding Babies, and Sacred Foods for Exceptionally Healthy Babies)

"Bone marrow is rich in spingolipids, which are specialized fats that protect cell membranes against environmental insults and that are critical components of the brain and nervous system." -Sacred Foods for Exceptionally Healthy Babies

That's the beauty of an arm roast. It has a cross section of a BONE - which makes beautiful, rich stock, but it also has MARROW in it - which can be spooned out and mixed with the shredded beef. OMG. YES. My kids and I actually devoured all of the marrow before the hubby came down and knew what he missed. :D It's okay though - he knows all about feeding nursing mamas and growing kids the best. So it's all good. ;)

Where you source your meat is EVERYTHING. It is super important to source clean meat, THE most important in my opinion. When it comes to budgeting food dollars, clean meat and fat is at the top of the list. Then comes clean dairy, clean eggs, and then wayyyyyyyy down there on the list is clean produce. Actually eating organic produce doesn't make a big impact on your overall health, if at all. So save your grocery dollars. Skip the "organic" produce, just buy conventional (except maybe for the dirty dozen). But with that extra savings, instead buy local, clean, pasture-raised meats. Meat is where quality counts! It makes a HUGE impact on your health.

Oh and did I mention that the arm roasts from Deer Run Farms are actually the same price per pound as the ground beef?! WINNING!!!

I buy my meat from Deer Run Farm of Amelia. And they actually have a new host home location!!


Check them out - I love their quality. I have seen their pastures with my own eyes. They are glorious. Lush. Fertile. Green Pastures. With cow patties that turn into rich compost in hours!!! (Nerd alert, I know...)

Send me an e-mail if you are interested in learning more about picking up an order from them at my house.

The meat all comes frozen. I just leave whatever meat I am planning on using for meals throughout the week in the refrigerator to thaw.


Anyway - now that we got our quality meat, we are only 10 min away from dinner being checked off the "To-Do" List for the day!

Here is the recipe:

1 3-4lb. arm roast, thawed - from a local, grass-fed source

3 large garlic cloves, minced

1 medium onion

1 quart of stock

1 tsp. pink salt, with a little extra to sprinkle

4 Tbs. grass-fed butter

fresh oregano and thyme (or other herbs like rosemary would be nice too!)

fresh parsley, as a garnish at the end (optional)

Get out your crockpot. I use this one. It is actually one of those only ones that was tested not to leach lead. So I have two. :)

Place the stock (mine was still a little frozen) and the chopped onion and minced garlic and salt in the bottom of the crock-pot.

Place the arm roast on top. Sprinkle some extra salt on top of the meat. Add the fresh herbs and the butter. I chopped the herbs just loosely.

Cook on high for 4 hrs. and then on low for 2 hrs. That worked perfectly for me. (You could probably also do low for 8 hours if you were going to be gone all day, but I didn't try it. :)

When it was done, I immediately ladled out myself a mug of stock to drink - it was so rich and good!!! Then I took the meat out and put it in a bowl with a little stock. I started shredding the beef (and of course the yummy fatty bits!!) with two forks. Then I scooped out the marrow from the bone with a little tiny spoon and added it to the shredded beef. Sprinkle some fresh parsley on the top and voila! A meal fit for a king! Or a tired mom. Either one. :D

I'm definitely going to be making this again. It's a keeper! :)

Hope you enjoy!


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