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Chocolate Milk and Mason Jars!

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

milk in a glass jar

My kids love this chocolate milk so much that I could barely keep their hands off of it while I tried to snap a few photos! Haha...but it's okay. ;) They know what's good for them. And this chocolate milk sure is good for you!

This is NOT even close to the same thing as store-bought chocolate milk -- which is full of sugar, pasteurized and denatured dead CAFO milk, artificial vitamins, and thickeners and flavors. Yuck.

THIS chocolate milk on the other hand is raw and ALIVE!! It is raw and full of healthy fats, pasture-raised collagen, enzymes, probiotics, and bioavailable fat-soluble vitamins. YAY!


Chocolate Milk Recipe:

(Makes 1 quart)


3 cups raw, grass-fed whole milk*

1/2 cup raw, grass-fed cream**

2 scoops Primal Kitchen Vanilla Coconut Collagen or Chocolate Coconut Collagen, (I used vanilla coconut)

3-4 Tbs. Raw cacao powder

1 tsp. raw honey, optional

2 raw, pasture-raised egg yolks, optional

*Find local raw milk shares in RVA here and here if you live someplace else! You can also substitute unsweetened coconut milk if you don't have access to raw milk.

** You can also substitute store-bought cream that is NOT homogenized, NOT ultra-pasteurized, and from grass-fed cows ie. the "Trickling Springs" brand heavy cream can be found in glass bottles at Whole Foods :)


Place about half of the raw milk (1 1/2 cups) into a quart-sized mason jar. Add the collagen and the cacao and the honey and egg yolks (if using) to the jar. Use a hand-held immersion blender and blend until there are no more lumps and it is nice and smooth. Add the cream. Blend again. Take the immersion blender out and fill the jar up the rest of the way with the other half of the milk. Voila! A quart of chocolate milk! Oh so thick and creamy and nutrient-dense!!!

chocolate milk

Serve in Ball Mason jars with straws and lids! :)


Favorite Mason Jars and Add-Ons:

1. These are the little 8oz quilted jelly jars that I use for the little people. ;)

2. These are the larger 12oz. quilted mason jars that we use as drinking glasses.

3. This is the sippy cup lid I use- it is great for kids. These lids are the CUTEST ever and come in both regular and wide-mouth sizes. I like to use them with these stainless steel straws too.

4. These are the original Ball sip and straw lids. I also use these a lot, but for "sippy" cup purposes, the "cuppow" brand is much better. However, these are great for adults, and I use both the regular and the wide mouth ones regularly!

5. THIS right here is the REAL game changer!!! This "reCAP" lid is the solution to all your Ball Mason jar pouring needs. It is a *lifesaver* when it comes to pouring our weekly raw milk out of the half-gallon mason jars without spilling a drop!! Hands-down the best real food kitchen hack. I get asked where I got my reCAP lids ALL THE TIME. Well here it is!! This is the one I have. I originally got four of them in pink (which was only a limited edition color)...of course. ;)

These reCAP lids are not only great for pouring milk, but they can double as fermenting tops! I LOVE using these with a water seal to ferment small batches of pickles or sauerkraut. I cannot even tell you how MUCH BETTER of a ferment you will get with this airlock feature. It is much SAFER than using a plain lid and ring with the Mason jars. First because it won't explode, but second because you can ferment it slightly longer in jars with these caps and get a much healthier and more robust ferment going! They even have this whole fermentation starter kit!


You can also get all the ingredients for this real food chocolate milk recipe at Thrive Market! They have amazing deals on healthy, organic non-perishables like the vanilla and chocolate coconut collagen from Primal Kitchen and the Navitas raw cacao powder. Use the link below for 25% your first order!

I can't believe what a lifesaver Thrive Market has been for me since becoming a mom. It is just amazing to be able to order what I need on their app - knowing that I am both a.) getting the best deal AND b.) getting it shipped straight to my doorstep. No hassle of hauling the kids out to grocery store. I basically go to farmers markets or use Fall Line Farms once a week and then get the rest of what I need from Thrive. It is SO worth it!!

My kids LOVE this chocolate milk. SO MUCH. I make a quart and it is GONE in two seconds. They drink it all up and beg for more! And I don't mind. This is SO healthy for growing kids and I have no guilt about giving them this kind of REAL, WHOLE FOOD chocolate milk. :D

Hope you enjoy!


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