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End of Radio Silence - Where Have Chance & Sallie Been? 2019 Update

On October 3rd 2017, Sallie and I kicked off the Real Fat Life Project.

I posted a first blog post along with a short video attempting to describe the project we were about to launch.

For the next few months we sprinted to create content that outlined our philosophy of life and shared the things we were learning. We launched a live vlog which we aggressively published over the last couple months of the year - accumulating 22 episodes, and interviewing some great guests.

Then radio silence. We fell off the map for a bit.

To be frank, there are a couple reasons why this happened.

The first is that we burned ourselves out. Sallie and I are passionate and intense people. We're also impatient people. We tend to think big picture but have a hard time breaking big goals down into small bites and faithfully working at them over time (I'm especially guilty of this)

As we swung into the final trimester of pregnancy - we ran out of energy, and we ran out of funds and I had to redirect all my effort into building up my video production business to keep a roof over our head.

I'm glad we sprinted to get a good website in place, a good foundation of content, and (especially through Sallie's Instagram community) make some cool friends, but now after taking a step back and thinking more strategically, I think we can now resume this project of sharing our RealFat Life in a way that will be more sustainable and valuable for everyone.

I think the second reason we fell off the map is because we needed to go through some tough trials to grow in maturity and get a clearer vision of what we're trying to do.

As parents of three now, owning our own business and trying to slowly navigate our way to a the rich and worshipful life that God invites us into - we've gotten knocked on our butts enough times to be just a bit more humble, and a bit more patient, which is good for everyone.

In the months to come we'll be trying to consistently document our journey in small bites so that you can take whatever inspiration or encouragement you can from our pursuit of the good life.

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