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RealFat Rasa - my favorite adaptogenic coffee alternative!

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

What is Rasa you ask? RASA is my morning JAM! It's an adaptogenic coffee alternative. This blend of herbs and adaptogens are pure energizing and nourishing magic. It's perfect for mamas - pregnant and breastfeeding and postpartum! It's great if you need to down-regulate your caffeine or are struggling with thyroid or adrenal issues. It's great if you just want more energy and less jitters. Actually, Rasa is great for any reason! ;)

I tried Rasa once and HAVE NEVER GONE BACK!!

During my last pregnancy, I "broke up" with real coffee. I found Rasa through a facebook ad and I immediately ordered some of the dirty rasa and the cacao rasa. I tried it once and HAVE NEVER GONE BACK! I drank it throughout the rest of my pregnancy and now while breastfeeding. I'm definitely feeling a LOT more energetic postpartum this time around than I did last time postpartum when I was drinking coffee. Rasa is working for my body wayyyyy better! I used to get crazy lightheaded several hours after my coffee (yes, I was even making it bulletproof with plenty of fat and collagen too), but after drinking Rasa, I am never lightheaded nor do I feel any blood sugar crashes.

I feel the lasting energy! No crashes at all. I have tried all three favorite is a blend of ALL THREE - the original, the cacao, and the dirty.

I like to mix the cacao and the dirty and a small amount of original all together. Try them all and see what works for you! My ratios are probably 40% cacao, 35% dirty, and 25% original. I mix it all up in a quart sized mason jar and keep it in my "coffee" cabinet with a scooper all ready to go each morning.


Morning RealFat Rasa Recipe

2 Tbs., heaping, of Rasa! - I do a combination of dirty, cacao, & original!

1/3 c. Raw, grass-fed, heavy Cream (from my local farm)

1 Tbs. gelatin

1 Scoop collagen peptides

1 Tbs. Raw Cacao Powder*

1 Tbs. MTC oil (optional)

1-2 tsp. raw cacao butter* (optional)

2 cups, heaping of fresh, boiling, filtered water :)

*cacao powder is not low in oxalates (a plant anti-nutrient) - so I just use a little for flavor! If you want a low-ox option go for the cacao butter instead! it's zero oxalate! :)


Directions for Morning Rasa Magic!

First, I boil water - filtered by my Berkey. Then once it boils I pour some into my insulated French press to "pre-heat" it...I let it sit for a minute or so...then I pour the water into my YETI to pre-heat that too. Why pre-heat you ask? Because Rasa needs a 15-20 minute brewing time a lot of heat can be lost...and because I am obsessed with having my drinks hot!!! :D Also, you will definitely want an INSULATED French press like this one for Rasa - or else you will end up with really lukewarm Rasa....ugh :/

Okay, then I add 2 heaping Tbs. of Rasa to my pre-heated French press. Pour more fresh, boiling water over it - a heaping 2 cups - which is slightly over half-way full. Then I add the top of French press. Let brew 15-20 min. Longer is fine - it just gets colder the longer you wait. I usually make the kids breakfast or unload the dishwasher or something..:)

Here is the fun part! Now I pour out the hot water from my YETI, add the Cream, gelatin, collagen, cacao powder, and optional MTC oil into the bottom of the mug. Stir, stir, stir.

Give it a minute for the gelatin to "bloom"...stir some more. Now THIS right here could be a recipe by itself. I love to "taste" it - it's sooo good. I usually eat at least a few spoonfuls before pressing my Rasa and pouring it into the mug.

Pour the brewed Rasa over the mixture and stir one last time.

This recipe is just over 500 calories, 40 grams of fat and 30 grams of protein! I drink this every morning and I typically don't drink my raw milk shake until almost noon. So I basically drink really fatty coffee for breakfast. ;)




I cannot believe they have PINK now in my French press!!! OMG. I have to get this color. ;) This stainless steel French press is insulated and is SO PERFECT for steeping Rasa. I have the plain one because that's all they had when I bought mine. But this PINK THOUGH!! Ah!!!

And this is the YETI I use - it keeps my Rasa hot all morning despite many many #momlife interruptions! ;) I, of course, have the pink one. Because #pinkobession here....

I can feel the Rasa NOURISHING me rather than depleting me.

I really am glad I gave up coffee as my daily habit. I drank a small amount every day throughout my second pregnancy and then I really kicked it up and was drinking 2 cups or more of full-caffeine every day postpartum after my second was born. It wasn't good. As a new mom of two - I was STRUGGLING big time. Having two kids was huge adjustment for me on so many levels. By 6 months postpartum, I was battling postpartum depression and anxiety. I was having daily panic attacks - and the coffee was NOT helping.

I feel the sustained energy that Rasa gives, rather than the highs and lows and crashes from coffee.

Fast forward to 6 months postpartum now as a mom of three. Since finding Rasa I feel a lot more stable. I can feel the Rasa NOURISHING me rather than depleting me. I feel the sustained energy that Rasa gives, rather than the highs and lows and crashes from coffee. I also feel better that my little guy, who is still exclusively breastfed at this point, isn't getting so much caffeine! I do use a blend of Rasa that includes the dirty Rasa which has a small amount of coffee and caffeine - but it is SO much less than drinking straight up regular coffee - and I am doing fine with it! :D

I'd love for you to try Rasa and tell me what YOU think! And use code REALFATRASA for 15% off!!!!!!!


Some of the links on this website are affiliate links. We do not link to anything that we do not wholeheartedly endorse and use ourselves. You'll be glad to know that by shopping at these links your purchase will help to financially support at no extra cost to you!


You can also brew it in advance and have "cold brew" Rasa all week long! :)

Does it taste like coffee??!

Everyone always asks me if this "tastes" like coffee. I would say it tastes better! And believe me, I was a diehard bulletproof-coffee-every-single-morning fan. :) If you want it to taste like coffee - then definitely get the dirty rasa! It tastes like coffee!! There is a small amount of coffee in it and if you are a die-hard coffee fan you probably would be able to transition with no trouble. You may not even notice a difference - other than better, longer-lasting energy!! I think that a combination of the dirty rasa and the cacao rasa also has a very robust, dark, "coffee-like" flavor. They call it "rasa crack!" Haha...I would's addicting! In a GOOD way!

I would say it tastes better!

Finally, the original by itself does not really taste like coffee. I would not go for just that if you are looking for a "coffee-like" flavor. It's very "herby" and earthy. I started with the Rasa crack - 50-50 dirty rasa and cacao rasa. Now I add a little extra of the original just for a "little" less caffeine, and a little "more" adaptogens! Yay!! I don't particularly recommend drinking Rasa "black"'s definitely better with cream and fatty things - like my RealFat Rasa recipe!

My RealFat Rasa recipe is robust, full-bodied, and chocolaty with notes of bitter cacao and coffee!

I hope you like this magical drink as much as I do! Let me know if you have any questions.

You can use my code REALFATRASA to get 15% off. DO IT. Here is a great starter pack for you to see how you like to Rasa!! Just try it!

Hope you enjoy!!


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