Frequently asked questions

Why is this website called "RealFat Life?"

Real = not fake, the genuine artical, unpoluted, untampered, legitamate, original, authoritative, objectively true Fat = The richest concentration of goodness, nourishment, provision, flavor, pleasure, satisfaction, fuel, and the source of health and wellbeing Life = the whole-human experience, viewed as seemlessly integrated with paradoxically distinct yet inseperable facets and characteristics. RealFat Life = Our all-encompasing philosophy which guides the way we organize and prioritize every aspect of the life we are living. We propose that the things we as humans "need" and the things we "want" can be fully satisfied in the same source. When we get them in the right form, from the right place, these needs and desires fall into harmony, enhancing our lives in every way. We find the example of food to be a great picture of the fact that when you get to the real source of goodness (in this analogy, the "real fat") you find the greatest nourishment and the greatest pleasure all in one package.

Are you saying I should eat fat?

We aren't telling you to do anything. It's your life and you have to take responsibility for defining your own values and striving to uphold them. In this website we are describing the conclusions we are drawing as we continue to search for the truth. We are sharing a picture of the process that is our life as we attempt align ourselves with the truth as we understand it. Our hope is that you find the things we share to be informative, entertaining and delicious. If our experience introduces new ideas and provokes you to reflect on your own beliefs, all the better! Regarding food and nutrition - from the research we've seen and the experiences we've had we're firmly convinced that the nourishing fat that comes from wholesomely raised animals is the ONLY place that a human being can obtain the nutrients needed to live the maximal life our bodies were designed for.

This is consistent with our larger paradigm (world view, narrative framework, etc) and harmonizes with our beliefs and understanding of the true nature of the world we live in. We're happy to discuss our "meaning of the universe" beliefs in one-on-one converstaion.

What does "Ancestral Diet" mean?

Ancestral is a broad term we use to refer to the practices and innovations developed before the onset of the industrial age. The industrial age began around the beginning of the 1800s and continues to the present. Rapid advances in technology and communication over the last 200 years have given rise to many radical changes in the life practices of human beings that are inconsistent with the benchmarks established over the preceding 10,000 years.

Many of the innovations of the industrial age have greatly improved the quality of human life - but powerful technology in the hands of unscrupulous organizations has produced opportunity patently false propoganda to cut us off from the wisdom, the science and the innovation of our pre-industrial ancestors so that we can be sold junk.

At RealFat Life we seek to reconnect with the wisdom of our ancestors and sythesize it with the innovation of the present age to forge way of life that takes the best of both and purge the junk from each.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it, but if it is broke, don't leave it the way it is!

Where can I buy the stuff you're always talking about?

Great question! We have affiliate links to most of the products we use and recommend on our Shopping Recommendations page. You'll be glad to know that each time you make a purchase through one of the links on this website you'll be supporting the work we're doing at no extra cost to yourself.

Okay guys, which diet is this, really? --Paleo/Keto/Whole30/Primal?

We share many lifestyle and nutritional principles with these diets - but we don't fit cleanly in any of the currently trending programs. Many of these protocals are awesome and help to provide an easy entry point for folks who want to transition away from destructive industrial eating habits, but we've found they can become too restrictive if approached rigidly and followed religiously. The needs of each person's body are slightly different due to genetic background, epigenetic environmental factors, region of residence and many other factors.

We prefer to embrace and apply the principles of ancestral life in the way the best fits our personal needs in our modern context. While there are core principles that are true for all people in all times and places, from a practical standpoint, the exact foods and eating habits we employ really are a moving target and we're constantly adjusting as we heal our bodies and move through different stages of life. Much of the research that informs our undstanding of ancestral life comes from the "Weston A. Price Foundation." So the RealFat Life is more of a philosophy than a diet. Check out our two indroductory "How We Eat" blog posts. Part 1 and Part 2 to get a deeper understanding of our approach to food.

Ancestral Living in the Third Millennium