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Local Sources for Real Food in RVA

Excellent high-quality source for 100% grass-fed, 100% grass-finished beef as well as soy-free chicken and eggs, and forest-fed, pastured pork.

"It is the collective mission of our family to bring superior grass-fed beef and other naturally-raised products to all of our customers.  Deer Run Farm of Amelia is your healthy alternative to food that is raised on factory-like farms.

For more information, please give us a call at 804-561-5059 or contact us via our order form and we’ll get right back to you!"

Source for raw milk shares as well as pastured poultry, eggs, beef, and pork. "We are a family owned and operated farm in central Virginia. We are pursuing a natural lifestyle operating a raw milk herd share program and to a lesser extent raising grass-fed & finished beef, pastured poultry, pastured pork & fresh eggs. All of our meat animals are antibiotic, hormone & vaccine free. Our pastures are also natural, no chemical, herbicide or pesticide use, and we rely on our animals to do the work of maintaining and improving the land."

Creambrook Farm provides delicious 100% grass-fed raw milk shares to hundreds of families, and now you can enjoy it too! The pick up locations are convenient and signing up is easy. Ben and Kristen are passionate about providing nutrient-dense, lab-tested raw milk and farming together with their young children. They share about the day-to-day life on the farm on social media and educate about the beneficial (and delicious!) qualities of whole milk from grass-fed, happy cows.

Fall Line Farms and Local Roots is a non-profit online farmers market in Richmond, Virginia and the surrounding counties. We are a producers' co-op of small family farms and local businesses providing fresh local food year round to our members. With one order and one payment, you are able to order directly from 40+ producers. 
Our farmers share with you details about their products and their practices so you can make the best decisions for your family's health and nutrition needs. Completely transparent, you will know exactly where your food is coming from and are encouraged to contact your farmers directly with questions.

We opened in the fall of 2008 with one goal in mind, to help small farms through the challenging season ahead. Since then, we have grown and developed but never wavered from this basic focus. 
Our innovative online buying program allows small farms to sell their products as they come available at a competitive fair price that is set by them.

Raw milk cow shares, pastured poultry,eggs, and more. Our mission is "to provide families across Virginia with reliable access to tasty, healthy, naturally raised foods, and to steward our God-given resources to His glory by maintaining a consistent commitment to sustainable agriculture and humane farming practices."

Located in the heart of rural excellence in Dinwiddie County, our growing, three-generation family manages 42 acres of pasturage and woodlands. We operate a farm and apiary, caring for pasture-raised goats, chickens and bees, providing our community with pastured eggs and poultry, baked goods, dairy, meat, local raw honey and natural skin care products. In addition, we raise heirloom (non-hybrid; reproducing) vegetables and fruit. Our goal is to be good stewards of the renewable resources which we manage, learning and implementing new ways to conserve water, recycle waste and add to the nutrient base of the soil. We offer guided tours, educational classes and field trips at our farm, as well as host free events throughout the year and facilitate camping experiences on our farm.

 Source for local and seasonal fruit! "The Geyers produce perennial fruits, including raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, cherries, peaches, nectarines, plums and apples on 25 acres of land in Hanover, Virginia, about 30 minutes northeast of Richmond. The Geyers grow strawberries in Mosley, Virginia, which is south of Richmond." 

"...Bringing the very best organic produce, eggs, and chicken to market.

Dedicated to sustainable and organic farming practices, we treat the land with the utmost of respect, never using synthetic fertilizers or harsh pesticides.  Crop rotation and enhancing the health of the soil, creates the legacy for our children."

Source for seasonal produce, pastured chicken, pastured eggs, and more. @ St. Stephen's Farmer's Market.

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